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Thank you for considering supporting Youthworks. There are several ways you can do this - prayer, time, purchasing from us, direct financial support, recommending our services to friends. We'll just tell you about one of these ways here.

Disadvantaged Camper Financial Assistance Fund

Going on a Christian Holiday Camp can make a great difference to anyone's life.

We try to keep the cost of our camps as low as possible but it is still difficult for some to be able to attend. By donating to our Disadvantaged Camper Financial Assistance Fund you will be enabling us to accept registrations from people less well off than others. They are extremely grateful for the opportunity:

"I just want to say that this has been one of the best experiences that has happened to me this year and from the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you."

"I had no interest [in Christianity] before [camp] but now I actually want to look further into it."

A teacher of one of those assisted said:

"These students would never have this opportunity unless Youthworks subsidised the costs. We were incredibly grateful for the generosity of Youthworks in providing this opportunity for the students to experience the HSC study camp. The students loved the camp. As they were leaving some were crying as they said goodbye to the friends that had made over the week. They talked for weeks after about the great time they had, the friendships they had made and how they are still in contact with the students from other schools."

You can donate to us here.

For more information about supporting Youthworks in other ways please contact our Head Office on 02 8268 3333.

Thank you once again.