Study Camps

Youthworks HSC Study Camps are great for maximising study away from home

We are passionate about encouraging growth, not only in studies but also help give perspective about life after graduation. We offer a  senior study camp relevant to those studying for HSC, IB and Yr 11 prelims .

We provide support in structuring the study aims and goals for the week. The daily schedule averages three study sessions, approx 30 hours study time in the week, thats  an average of six hours of quality study time a day! free of the distractions of home.

There are plenty of leaders willing and available to help you out on core subjects. During our Winter Study camp we have group tutoring sessions to help prep for trials and our Spring Study camp has a list of leaders available to provide assistance on a range of subjects. 

At our beautiful conference centres, students will have time to relax and enjoy the bush away from distractions- we know the importance of scheduled study and rest. We will have a session each day in an open discussion about Christianity and the significance of Jesus, run by leaders or a guest speaker.

Spring: 25 Sept - 1 October 2021
Rathane Conference Centre (Royal National Park )