Former HSC and Holiday Camps Terms and Conditions

These terms apply only to registrations made prior to 1 June 2018.

1. Completion of registration is an acknowledgement that the attendee agrees to be filmed, photographed or recorded by the event organisers and that they will have no claim over any future use of such material, whether used for promotional or commercial purposes. For exceptions please call (02) 8268 3346.



2. All registrations require full payment in order to be accepted. Payment can be made by credit card (only VISA or MasterCard are accepted), cheque or postal order. No cash payments will be accepted.



3. Online transactions are processed through a secure gateway and no credit card details are collected or stored by Youthworks through this facility.



4. Except for Leader's registrations, a registration is confirmed only when a confirmation email and receipt from Youthworks is received by the applicant stating that the registration was successful.



5. All cancellations must be lodged with Youthworks in writing or by phone. Cancellations made up to 28 days prior to the commencement of a camp will receive a refund less an administrative charge of $50. Cancellations made between 28 days & 7 days prior to the camp will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the camp fee. Cancellations made within 7 days of the camp will incur a charge of 100% of the fee. Where possible, Youthworks will endeavour to refund some of the fee.



6. All Youthworks Outdoors Events, Holiday Camps & HSC Study Conferences available through this website fees are GST free.



7. All Youthworks Outdoors Events, Holiday Camps & HSC Study Conferences available through this website have prices that are listed and all transactions processed in AU$.



8. All Youthworks Outdoors Events, Holiday Camps & HSC Study Conferences must meet a minimum number in order to run. If the minimum is not reached and Youthworks cancels the camp, then a full refund applies.



9. Youthworks Outdoors Events, Holiday Camps & HSC Study Conferences details and prices are subject to change without notice.



10. Whilst applications will be accepted in order of their arrival, Youthworks reserves the right to accept or reject any booking.





Youthworks respects your privacy. We collect and use personal information to support our Christian ministry programs, which seek to assist and nurture children, youth and adults. You have the right to access the personal information we hold about you, with the exception of information gathered in relation to child protection issues. To access information email





Although Anglican Youth and Education Division Diocese of Sydney, its staff and volunteers (‘Youthworks’) attempt to minimize any risk of personal injury, accidents can happen and all activities at Youthworks Outdoors Events, Holiday Camps & HSC Study Conferences carry the risk of personal injury. Some activities carry particular risks in that they may involve elements of water, height, rough terrain and/or speed.

A person to whom recreational services are provided by Youthworks under this agreement engages in any recreational activity concerned at his/her own risk.

AUTHORISATION STATEMENT (for parents/guardians registering a person in their care for an event that they are not accompanying that person)



I agree to the Terms and Conditions of registration outlined above and to my son/daughter/dependent attending the camp on this understanding. I understand that Youthworks do not permit the use of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs or smoking on conferences and that anyone found in breach of this can expect to be sent home immediately. I have communicated this information to my child/dependent.

In the event of accident or illness, I authorise Youthworks to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to my son/daughter/dependent receiving any x-ray examination, anaesthetic, medical, surgical or hospital treatment as may be deemed necessary by a licensed physician and/or surgeon. I also authorise to engage such treatment and agree to pay the appropriate fees for such service and treatment. I agree to meet the expense of my son/daughter/dependent being returned home to my home, either by Youthworks or an adult accompanying him/her and then rejoining the group or by collecting him/her personally. I understand that such an arrangement may be necessary due to illness, injury, or if, in the opinion of Youthworks, non-cooperation of any description or the inability to meet the rigours and requirements of the activity by my son/daughter/dependent.